2010-10-24 07:41:56 by absol99

I make adoptables on a DA account. If I posted them here, would anyone be intrested?


2010-08-26 14:03:51 by absol99

Can someone link me to a good pixel art tutorial?

Other acounts

2010-07-14 11:33:54 by absol99

If you want to contact me anywhere else: My DA, currently not able to check messages. erlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=82039 My pokeplushies. 15432?_gaia_t_=5414 My Gaia

willing to help

2010-02-19 17:57:19 by absol99

If you have the program flash, but cannot draw good or are too lazy, I am here to help! Give me what you would like me to draw, and I will do my best. All that I ask is when you post the game, i be given credit. Some example of my work (aka my deviantart account) :

willing to help